Amber Co is an emerging online business based in Bendigo, Australia that specialises in providing high quality, lovely and soft, yet durable, organic cotton bed linen. Originally designed for clients with dust mite allergies, the product is equally suited to those that wish to reduce chemicals in their bedroom.

Our customers appreciate the simplified process of selecting bed linen. We offer two traditional weave options and three delicate shades that tone with most room colour schemes.

The aim of the range is not to change the design on a regular basis, but have a basic staple that you can rely upon time after time. The classic design has been based on simplicity and will be easy to add a colourful cushion or throw rug to finish your room's look. 

Supplying high quality products that are kind to the environment and your health is our number one priority, along with ensuring our customer service is of the highest standard.

Through persistence and determination we bring you the bed linen range that has been developed to fit our requirements, of which we believe are not available elsewhere in Australia. We hope as a consumer you too enjoy the product.


Behind the scenes, Amber Co have teamed up with a third generation weaving company based in India. The company originally started in 1972 with three hand-looms and four technicians, primarily supplying their domestic market. Since then, the company has strengthened it's equipment, technical expertise and qualifications to supply to twelve countries throughout the world.

The manufacturer specialises in supplying organic products.