Amber Co are pleased to give you it's TOP 6 LAUNDRY HINTS to help maintain your recently purchased bed linen in optimum condition. These ideas can help save you time, money and gain valuable closet storage space.

  1. HOW TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET IN 30 SECONDS. If there is only one tip you take away from here today it should be this one. Your time is well spent watching and practising so that you can maximise the re-usable storage bag supplied with your bed linen purchase and save valuable storage space in your cupboard.

  2. Add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle when washing your sheets. The white vinegar will assist in killing germs, whitening whites, eliminating odours and making your sheets softer. Alternatively using eucalyptus based washing products can also assist in reducing germs.
  3. Stop overloading your washing machine. Although it may save time, it’s not good for your bed linen. When the machine is overloaded the items won’t’ get cleaned or rinsed properly, stains will remain. Check your load capacity by using your bathroom scales to measure approximately how full your load should be. You might be very surprised!.
  4. To reduce wrinkles in cotton you could line dry them. For those using a dryer, remove and fold them just before or immediately after the cycle has finished (while the sheets are still warm).
  5. Avoid using detergents with fabric softeners as they are likely to cause stains to set in. 

  6. Using too much detergent is worse than not using enough because it speeds up wear and tear of your sheets and creates a heavy soapy feel. Not to mention you are washing money down the drain.