Yarn is the long length of joined fibers suitable for use in the production of textiles. Examples of yarn include sewing thread commonly used for machine or hand sewing, or a ball of wool. 

Ply, essentially refers to the way in which the cotton is twisted to form yarn. For a single ply yarn, the direction of the final twist is the same as its original twist. Single ply yarn is known to produce the strongest, yet finest threads. Single ply yarn can only be spun from good quality cotton (long-staple or better) and results in great all year round sheets that are soft, yet durable.

At Amber Co we pride ourselves on using only single-ply yarn in our sheet sets.

In contrast multi ply yarns are produced when a number of short fibers are twisted together to form the yarn. Lower grade, shorter-staple cotton is often used in the manufacture of multi ply yarn and results in thicker, heavier threads with a rough texture. 
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